Club History

The History of Newport Pagnell Tennis Club

Railway carriagesNewport Pagnell Tennis Club was originally known as Bury Lawn Tennis Club and the last clubhouse in Lakes Lane consisted of a wooden pavilion constructed from two old Wolverton Works railway carriages joined together!
Before the Second World War tennis was played in Newport Pagnell at various different locations, Bury Lawn and Lakes Lane, Castle Meadow, Salmons Sports Club, the forerunner of David Brown and Aston Martin and very much a Works Club. Other private courts owned by the Homans and Inwards of Wolverton Road, Comptons of Tickford Street and Knotts and MacDonells of Lakes Lane.

Following the war the only club that survived was the Bury Lane Club with Castle Meadow members merging as social barriers were removed.  The Lakes Lane site was vacated in 1976 and this was the end of grass court tennis in the town.

In the early years there were no formal leagues although there were inter-club matches and local tournaments with the present Milton Keynes Tennis League only formed in 1968 as the then Bletchley and District Tennis League.  Bury Lawn were founder members.